raumagent alpha

ron schneider aka 'raumagent alpha' started in 1996 combining some lounge electronic sounds with nasa samples from 'man on moon' neil armstrong and his fellows. later on he got more into club style and reached a level of future funk techno setting the dancefloor on fire. straight forward tracks meet melodic (pop?) structures.
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news from mdz:

02.05.2009: münchen - rote sonne
to know which side one’s bread is buttered on: rave for the red sun! our slogan for the 2nd of may: mayday is just a back number but massive moments stay alive! may 2nd 2009 - munich ¦ rote sonne djs: gebr. teichmann live: raumagent alpha

1. april - killekill!
no prank but big bash on 1st of april! words get around about the berghain kantine carrying finest choice sounds on wednesdays - KILL??ILL is giving the cold shoulder to mainstream and assembled a raving family get-together :D the night starts at 9pm (no joke either) with a three hours overture of the notorious 19-zoll stammtisch [...]

14.03.2009: zimmers bday ¦ 10* live & 4 * dj!
SA, 14.mar 2009 ¦ 20h ¦ berlin ¦ thomas str. 7 thomas str 7 - neukölln (U7 karl-marx-str / U8 leine-str) live: bobrobot ¦ melectric ¦ wolfseule ¦ zimmer ¦ krach der roboter ¦ hey-o-hansen ¦ rest_et ¦ jimy trash and the gunpowder temple of heaven ¦ jon kenner ¦ raumagent alpha djs: ana dinextra ¦ lois wu ¦ [...]

14.02.2009: regensburg auv:takt02
audio and video in sync: Auv:TAKT 14. feb 2009 ¦ regensburg ¦ mälze ¦ 23h raumagent alpha kid chic helpdesk & loonytune blink and remove

MI, 30.07. - chill bill
30.07. @ 17:00 FUHRPARK @ arena (=ex-autohaus) chill in? freak out! djs: b-funk & raumagent alpha garage style guaranteed - all in front of a car knoll

08-05-2008: the happy end meets raumagent alpha
tu, may 08th 2008 21:00 berlin ¦ villa live:the happy end ¦ raumagent alpha dj: hannes teichmann this is gonna be the very first public appearance of the happy end, the hot striking noise pop wall band of tomorrow´s yesterday. looking forward to see andi teichmann and his fellows hans forster (you may recall the sweet vocals from andi`s [...]

28.03.2008: stammtisch orchester
those magnificent men with their DIYing machines: the pack of the 19-inch regulars’ table pool together to form a giant live-jam - the “stammtisch orchester” is asking for the next dance. for about half a year the friends of “real” electronic instruments met and fiddled with their oscillators. by now the electronic heads got the urge to [...]

16-feb-2008: save the final dance for us
you’re worth my every tear - last dance at graz-ev sa, 16-feb-2008 ¦ regensburg ¦ kunstvereinGRAZ ¦ 22h djs: gebr. teichmann ¦ live: raumagent alpha

30-jun: weilheim ¦ glashaus
upper bavaria space invader pirates: 30-jun-2007 - weilheim ¦ glashaus raumagent alpha (live) / acid pauli / anette party

sat nite fever @ golden gate
time to dig out the stinkin’ old records again: sa, 31.03. @ golden gate start: 24h djs: who:be [golden gate], b-funk [mdz], raumagent alpha [festplatten / mdz] see you there!

sounds like raumagent alpha: RSDCF-0b1
why should music producers always release on vinyl, cd or mp3 only? i get you the raumagent alpha sound for your home studio: here comes REALLY SIMPLE DCF, my new music application for commodore 64: sounds like: »this. about the program »info [myspace/raumagentalpha] und download. even more »about the code [robotsinmotion.com]

raumagent alpha @ minimal dancin #53
gaining the #1 substitute artist playing abroad: MINIMAL DANCIN #53 R A U M A G E N T   A L P H A live  +  D U P L E X   1 0 0 ********************************************************************* vendredi 26 janvier 2007 nouveau casino 00-06h /10 euros (5 euros avant 1h) Due to last minute line-up changes for unforeseen [...]

x-mas morphclub 26-12-2006
again for our traditional xmas bash: live: raumagent alpha [OH., festplatten, mdz] djs: mat k. [OH.] jonas z. [favoritbar, k&k klub - münchen] mutlu [berlin] start: 22h

weekend at golden gate & villa
two things for the forthcoming weekend: on the one hand i’m grabbing my records but leaving the stompers at home and just taking anything non-techno to spin them together with b-funk and stupid muzak on the occasion of kik’s birthday, upstairs at the golden gate. but then again there´s techno: live at the villa at [f.u.c.] fr - [...]

to russia with love
actually i was supposed to do the sound engineering for some mediengruppe telekommander gigs in russia but sadly the band had to cancel the shows. fortunately i am invited to leave the drop shadow of the FOH and stand in with raumagent alpha performance instead: raumagent alpha’s russian live sets soon available at: 23 - nov [...]

from my myspace blog:

finally our punkbox is finished:[P]atchable[U]nified[N]oise[K]racklestrange 10yo perfboard oscillatorcuretronic quint LFOperfboard Moog filter clonefonitronic SSM filteryusynth ADSRthomas henry VCAand...

17-OCT-2008: BDAY PARTY!!!
parole:partyalarm statt techtalk - heisse sounds statt heisser lötspitzen.die stammtischmeute lädt ein zum geburtstagsfest auf zwei floors: livemusik im orchestergraben, djs und microliveacts im party...

tu, may 08th 2008 21:00berlin | villalive:the happy end | raumagent alphadj: hannes teichmannthis is gonna be the very first public appearance of the happy end, the hot striking noise pop wall band of...

friday night live
those magnificent men with their DIYing machines:the pack of 19-zoll stammtisch pool together to form a giant live-jam - the "stammtisch orchester" is asking for the next dance.for about half a year t...

fun with breadboards
my dear friend b-funk and me and the geeky breadboard bricolage - from www.mdz.de:»electronic circuits tend to be really simple when it comes to basic applications. like the simple LFO found at ...

new release: RSDCF-0b1
here is my new release - no vinyl, no cd, no .mp3 but .PRG !!!!!!!!!!!!REALLY SIMPLE DCFthis little tool turns a commodore 64 into a realtime controllable filter fx unit. it is somehow custom made for...

10 years already!
allright. ten years ago, dec 23rd '96, i was digging out joerg's 808 and a bunch of nasa samples to create a nice x-mas gift for my buddies - raumagent alpha was born. looking forward to another 10 ye...

3 trax from my live set @ PM
three mp3s from the gig at pulp mansion. check it out:www.archive.org/details/Raumagent_Alpha_live_Pulp_Mansion_07-oct-2006

i came to dance - 08-sep @ zementgarten | my first pimped c64 show
fr, 08-sep-2006 | 23h @ zementgarten - frankfurter allee 55 - berlin (fhain)djs: krick, fabiano [edelmut] | daniel vague patentblau | andré pierig [cologne] | daniel pröhl [morgentau] | derraab, kinsk...

raumagent alpha remix on TR014 | touane - gum ep
well, still got no new release but at least there's that remix i did recently for touane appearing on his new ep. check out the trenton website for mo' details and listen to the tracks...

booking: < alien2010@raumagent-alpha.de > info & rider (for promoters) are available at the mdz live section

stars berlin: deli / wmf / maria am ufer / sternradio / polar tv / heeresbaeckerei
          watergate / kinzo / haus13@pfefferbank / deep / zittypark u.a.
munich: ultraschall / die registratur / harry klein / woandersclub
paris (fr): le pulp / minimal dancin @ nouveau casino / batofar
hamburg: tanzhalle / ravekaufhaus
stuttgart: kaiser wilhelm
regensburg: suite 15 / alte filmbuehne
bamberg: morphclub / format b
cologne: enduro showcase [popkomm] / loungeclub tanzschule
laerz: fusion area
weilheim: wm 2000
offenbach: robert johnson / rotari
bochum: london tokyo paris
bydgoszcz (pl): mózg
zagreb (hr): tockica
sarajevo (bih): labyrinth
bourdeaux (fr): zoobizarre
dornbirn (at): conrad sohm

releases [klick title for cover art]

raumagent alpha - mangoldrausch
12" | festplatten | fest28 | 2005

raumagent alpha - plugger ep
12" | festplatten | fest15 | 2002

raumagent alpha - starglider
12" | dumb-unit | du 008 | 2002

raumagent alpha - luna rocker
12" | festplatten | fest007 | 2000

raumagent alpha -
das mondauto hat auch nachteile

cdr mdz | no cat# | 1996

compilations :
3.5" compilation
floppy disk (general midi files> | festplatten 1,44 | 2004
"plugger eins", prev. unreleased midi track

dumb-unit | public works
cd |dumb-unit | du 015 | 2004
"super zaxxon", taken from du 008

various artists - italian techno master
ministry magazine cover cd / mixed by Mauro Picotto
"super zaxxon", taken from du 008

various artists - wir:zwei
2lp | festplatten | fest12 | 2002
"plugger 1", prev. unreleased

various artists - neo future
2cd | edel (at) v cat# n/a | 2002
bublbobl - based on peter clarke´s "theme from bubble bobble

various artists - unser:eins
cd | festplatten | fest11 | 2001
"luna rocker", taken from fest007

various artists - freiton vol.1
mc | mdz | 97601 | 3 tracks | 1997

remixes [klick title for cover art]
raumigear various artists - freiton vol.2
cdr | mdz | 98201 / motorola sport - "telia" / 1998

oh. - charme 75
12" | mdz | 2k01 | oh. - gama alpha | 2000
cds | (promo only) | virgin | 2000

various artists - output64
bublbobl - based on peter clarke´s "theme from bubble bobble
12" | r100112 | enduro/l´age d´or /zomba | 2001
cd | r1001cd | enduro/l´age d´or /zomba | 2001

beigeGT - disco
12" | l´age d´or /zomba | rtd 139.4572.0 16 | 2001
cds | l´age d´or /zomba | rtd 139.4572.3 16 | 2001

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